Pro-XRP lawyer John E. Deaton has been active in the long-running SEC lawsuit against blockchain firm Ripple and the US-based lawyer represents thousands of token holders as Amicus Curiae in the lawsuit. Given this, Deaton has repeatedly blasted the SEC for taking an unclearly broad position in its claim against Ripple.

In light of his efforts, several members of the XRP community took to Twitter, expressing gratitude to the pro-crypto lawyer for protecting their interest in the litigation. Deaton also shared a note of appreciation from an XRP holder appreciating him for defending them.

Deaton Attracts Appreciation For His Efforts In On-going Lawsuit

The pro-XRP lawyer then shared an appreciation letter to him from one of the XRP holders whom the long-standing legal battle affected. The unnamed holder thanked attorney Deaton for his efforts in protecting the interests of investors in the ongoing lawsuit.

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Part of the letter read:

Without your work on this case, I would truly feel alone and helpless in this fight against a bully that I would have no chance to defeat if it weren’t for the initiative you took when you saw such an overreach by the SEC.”

Deaton’s tweet responded to another proponent who thanked the lawyer for giving the over 75,000 XRP holders a voice in the SEC lawsuit.

The attorney had put himself at the forefront of the legal battle between the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple, with his primary aim for joining the lawsuit being to protect the interests of token holders.

Deaton filed an amicus brief representing over 75,000 holders, qualifying them as defendants in the lawsuit. On May 30, attorney John Deaton criticized the SEC for harming US investors through its fight against Ripple. 

He highlighted that only three of five SEC commissioners supported the ‘bogus lawsuit,’ as he called SEC’s litigation against Ripple. Deaton noted that two SEC commissioners, Hester Peirce and Elad Rossman, voted against the regulator’s move against Ripple. 

Pro-XRP Lawyers Commend Deaton For His Roles In The SEC VS. Ripple Lawsuit

XRP holders aren’t the only ones appreciative of Deaton’s unmatched efforts in the ongoing legal battle. Pro-XRP lawyers Jeremy Hogan and Bill Morgan also thanked Deaton for his efforts in the case.

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In a response tweet, attorney Hogan commended Deaton for his pro-bono services to the XRP community. In another tweet, Attorney Morgan saluted Deaton for giving hope to the community at this critical time.

As for XRP, the asset’s price has climbed to $0.5096 as of the time of writing.

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