When will it be too late to invest in Bitcoin?


On the latest episode of Cointelegraph’s Market Talks, host Ray Salmond spoke with Luke Broyles, a popular Bitcoin (BTC) advocate and content creator on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter). During the show, Broyles laid out his Bitcoin investment thesis and his unique perspectives on how the asset’s price could eventually rise into seven-figure territory.

Broyles said that in 2020, he realized the bond market was broken. While searching for alternative investments, he discovered Bitcoin as a sound option. When asked about his Bitcoin investment strategy and how he stomachs the volatility, Broyles said: 

“I do not own bonds. I have sold off 97% of my stocks over the past three years, and I’m selling off the last 3% this week actually, so it’s funny that you ask that. By the end of this week, the only three assets that I will own will be U.S. dollars, aka cash, the best political currency in the world; second, real estate; and third, Bitcoin. That’s it. And I sleep better now than I did with a diversified portfolio.” 

Everything is overpriced and should crash

Another key factor backing Broyles’ Bitcoin investment thesis is his belief that “everything is overvalued, nothing makes sense, and everything should crash; however, we don’t want to deal with it. Politicians don’t want to deal with it. Lawyers don’t want to deal with it. I, as a real estate investor, don’t want to deal with it.” Broyles believes that stocks, healthcare, real estate and the education industry are highly overvalued, so people are losing faith in the dollar and their dollar purchasing power — which highlights the allure of Bitcoin as a supply-capped asset. 

“If we have a credit unwind, of course we’re going to print ourselves out of it.” 

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When is it too late to invest in Bitcoin? 

When asked whether there is a particular price where it becomes “too late” for investors to consider buying Bitcoin, Broyles made the analogy of a sinking ship and suggested that for those on the boat, it’s never too late to exit. 

“At no point is it ever too late to buy Bitcoin, but it will be too late to exit bonds and to exit fiat.” 

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